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LabPlus LEDONG Module

  LEDONG Module were creatively developed by LabPLus which combine Electronics + Programming (DuinoPlus software to be provided), ideal for Maker as the gateway for intelligent electronics learning. The list of modules is comprehensive to support and realize the Maker's creative ideas for various DIY projects. Connectors were standardized via MicroUSB. Soft silicon rubber ring were mounted to enclose the side of the module for safety of the user and durability of the product.


Product Features

  • Input modules consist of a wide variety of Sensors/Detectors to sense detect and collect the related information of its environment.Input Sensors/Detectors: Sound, Light, Temperature, Humidity, Motion, Tilt, Flame, IR Distance, Water Moisture, Ultrasonic, Switches, Dimmers.
  • Output modules consist of various type of LED display, Buzzer, Speaker, Motors, Relay, Servo which were capable to produce various function: motion, audio and visual display.
  • Controller consists of programming master and Logic controller (AND. OR, NOT, IF gate) with other programmable modules (Arduino UNO, AND/OR/NOT Logic Gate). The programming module can be modified based on user requirement, adjusting input/output parameter.


Knowledge Learned

  • Enhance software programming knowledge
  • Enhance circuitry logic knowledge
  • Operate and control of hardware devices.
  • Enhance creative concept and thinking


Applicable section

  Grade 3 - Grade 12


Application scenes