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LabPlus Scratch Kit Set

  A Electronic Kit Set developed for junior Maker. It's about electronics hardwares that were interactive and programmable. For junior Maker to have the practical hands on experience for simple programming to operate electronic devices. The start of their learning pathway for own DIY creation. This kit set utilize phone jack for connecting which is convenience and easy to use. For the user safely and durability of the products, it is enclosed with hard plastic casing.


Product Features

  1. The first Motorize output function developed for SCRATCH application. Labplus develop the Scratch Hardware with Motorize output function enhance the standard Scratch feature of no output function capability. This is a significant contribution for Scratch user, control of robotics and also its physical output function.
  2. Range of Sensors: Comprehensive range of 30+ types of sensor; compact, durable and handy structure; Controller: Support up to 8 sensors simultaneous connected
  3. Increasing development of Resource Package: 10+ types of standard Resource Package; 20+ DIY Package with user guide and demo video
  4. Lego compatible: Support Lego's building blocks interface
  5. Elegant, durable and good hand-held structure.


Knowledge points

  • Enhance software programming knowledge
  • Enhance circuitry logic knowledge
  • Operate and control of hardware devices
  • Enhance creative concept and thinking



  Grade 3 to Grade 12