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Interactive Touch Panel

  Interactive touch panel is a set of electronics kit for the making of creative and interactive piece. Due the conductive nature of human body, when touches the circuitry, the human body act as a path of electrical circuitry thus close up the loop and current flow. Thus human touch performs as a virtual input device to activate the game sequence.



Knowledge Learned

  • Enhance basic programming knowledge
  • Acquire basic computing knowledge
  • Operate and control of hardware devices
  • Creative design



  Grade 3 to Grade 12


Happy study

  Make a fruit (banana, apples, etc) musical instrument with fruits (banana, apple, etc) simulate as key inputs. Utilize the control board and hand touch to activate similar to the piano keys to play different notes.


Classic example

  Utilize the touch sensing of the control board and conductive dough as the controller for the game character such as movement directions, jump, squat, etc.