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LabPlus SCRATCH Experiment Box

  Labplus Scratch Software and Experiment Box built on MIT Scratch open source programming to add features thatenhance physical reality for the otherwise only virtual computing. Encourage student to participate and have them hands on to experience for own creation. Thus inspire their imagination and beneficial to them for "Thinking Creatively", "Reason Systematical" and "Work Collaboratively", "IMAGINE", "PROGRAM", "SHARE”.


Product Features

Stand alone structure, build in devices:

  1. List of versatile Build In Sensors: Navigation Buttons Sensor, Sliding Rod Sensor, Sound Sensors, Light Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, PIR Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, IR Sensor and Force Sensor.
  2. List of versatile output devices: Buzzer, Motor, Steering Gear, RGB Lamp, 2-digit SSD, Traffic Light indicator.
  3. With the corresponding Labplus software, experimental box connected to the computer through the USB, use supporting software can be programmed to operate the test box sensor and output devices;
  4. Application LabPlus Software provided, connect to PC via USB. Utilize the application software for programming to operate the build in sensors and output devices.
  5. The built-in microphone and speakers to be used as external headset when connected with the computer.+


Knowledge Learned

  • Enhance basic programming knowledge
  • Acquire basic computing knowledge
  • Operate and control of hardware devices
  • Basic application of sensor device



  Grade 3 to Grade 8


Application Scenes