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LabPlus Table Top Robotics

  This small cubical shape robot just require a table top to perform, is an ideal Makers classroom aid. Utilize the versatile functions to practice programming skill and enhance creative things to design in desire play.





Product Features

  1. Structure: Integrate, stand alone, elegant cosmetic design, durable, easy storage. Suitable for classroom to enhances teaching, learning experience.
  2. Capability: Path Tracking, obstacle sensing, free fall sensing, color recognition, graphical expression, light tracing, Wing panel display RGB (reflect color recognition sensing), speech recognition, voice playback etc. User to utilize these functions to design in their desire ideas.


Knowledge Learned

  • Enhance basic programming knowledge
  • Acquire basic computing knowledge
  • Operate and control of hardware devices
  • Basic application of Robotic devices.



  Grade 3 to Grade 10


Variety creative play